what in the sam hell am i doing?
i quit catering to pursue a career in the NY theater scene?

i wasn't
i'm still serving
rich bitches! (...see May post)
i've hoodwinked my own damn self.

i've decided in the past few weeks to switch gears. i have the NY public school system and the projects of Brooklyn and Harlem to thank for this. after working with kids for the past few years, i've realized the wealthy theater goer doesn't really benefit much from me.

..if i were to ever be so lucky to land Aida or Nala or Maima (yes, i really want this role in Eclipsed. i've chased it. no more.), i'd
entertain rich bitches for 2 hours of their lives.
..but if i really delve into the depths of my soul and ask myself why i do what i do, it's not for them. it's for those who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to theater. exposed to their lives onstage. exposed to another ways of fully and freely expressing themselves.
..the underprivileged. the needy. the poor. whatever we call them. just
not the weathly.

call me poor-elitist. so be it.

i'm all over the place, i know.
my point is this: the recession has afforded me time to breathe. to analyze what i'm chasing. i've been speaking with friends whose work i admire.
and i've decided to collaborate with two of them. on two separate projects.
and hopefully more in the future.
and they won't be for rich bitches.
(though i love ya'll. *pound* to all my