blog title explained.

yes, jeffrey wright's face is on my vision board. as you know, every actor must have one. especially if you've got a vision.

i made sure to find a picture of him where he
was looking ---> straight into the camera, very earnestly. like he was open to me and eager to work together (as lovers, perhaps). trust, i'll alert you when that day comes.

i chose big jeff because of his artistry. the man's a genius (and i've heard a lot of crazy...er...genius stories). because of this, i've concluded that we belong together on screen.
i only want to work with geniuses, so after them i go.

this blog will follow said journey.
and--on a more serious note--my journey to fulfill my purpose as a performer, a giver and a lover.
up, up and away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!