blog title explained.

yes, jeffrey wright's face is on my vision board. as you know, every actor must have one. especially if you've got a vision.

i made sure to find a picture of him where he
was looking ---> straight into the camera, very earnestly. like he was open to me and eager to work together (as lovers, perhaps). trust, i'll alert you when that day comes.

i chose big jeff because of his artistry. the man's a genius (and i've heard a lot of crazy...er...genius stories). because of this, i've concluded that we belong together on screen.
i only want to work with geniuses, so after them i go.

this blog will follow said journey.
and--on a more serious note--my journey to fulfill my purpose as a performer, a giver and a lover.
up, up and away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. you know, it's so strange that after all this time i'm just finding your blog...when i saw the title i immediately understood. i myself have no aspirations to be a performer (well, i do secretly wish that i had been blessed with the sort of undeniable talent that parents see and say my child will be the next (fill in the blank) and then they nourish and support said talent until the child grows into their own ...but i digress), but after seeing Mr. Wright's performance as Jean Michel Basquiat, i became an instant admirer of his work. i have always seen your genius B1, so when the moment comes when your genius and his genius are together on screen i will proudly stand tall and hold up the photo of you we took at the Newseum years ago that labels you as a "star" and say with much love: "I TOLD YOU SO!!"