mine massaged you
while yours massaged keys
if we had wings,
we'd be worker bees
you'd be the queen
and i'd make your honey

though you're more like a king
and i'm down on my knees
on each finger a ring
kissed your palm if you pleased
lift the palm wave the palm
you ride donkeys like Jeez
and my palms like the leaves
on those high palm trees
can you forgive me my sins?
can you please hear my pleas?
but you stomped on my palm
like one, two, three

only two fingers left
so i asked you for peace
put up the sign
put up deuces with ease
then you took your palm
put that deuce in a squeeze
one finger snapped
and i looked down to see

only one more left
so i pointed at thee
your ass is to blame
your heavy donkey
my one finger points west
but four point back east
if i choose to blame you
i've also gotta blame me.

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